I come to you!

Entertainment consists of storytelling and skit.

Costumes and wigs are cleaned and sanitized after every use.

Materials for activities and skits provided.

Up to 15 children at party.  Adults encouraged to participate.



  • Blackbeard-Your child can be the roughest, toughest pirate known to the NC coast. Don’t miss out on this one or you’ll walk the plank!
  • Too Much Noise-If your child and friends are acting like wild animals, then this story is for them! They will get to take turns making animal sounds, house sounds, and so much more.
  • Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty-Find out who pushed Humpty Dumpty and why. Easy lines in rhyming verse, all children will stay entertained throughout by this fun skit!
  • Very Hungry Caterpillar-Children get to wear insect costumes while listening to the very popular Eric Carle story.
  • Recess Queen-Show your kids the right way to handle a bully.   
  • Johnny Appleseed-A fun way to learn about a famous folk hero.


  • The Little Old Lady Who Isn’t Afraid of Anything
  • Paper Flower-origami follow up activity
  • Gold Miner’s Daughter