Draw and Tell Stories


What are they?

Quick stories told orally while the audience observes the speaker draw all characters, things, and movement in front of them. At the completion of the tale, a new image has appeared using the combination of all the parts. The finished image sums up the theme of the story.

Why do we use them in educational settings?

Helps to renews children’s interest in the story due to its nontraditional story telling format.

Can be used as a fun introduction to follow-up educational activities, such as movies, or art projects.

Helpful in creating interest in future related topics.


Example: Bacon


A boy was looking for his friend:
boy bacon
The boy got swarmed by bees, so he jumped into a lake to keep away from the bees:
lake bacon
After returning home his mother made his favorite meal, 2 eggs and 2 giant slices of bacon. He opened the door and saw his best friend, his dog Bacon!
dog bacon