Story Telling Presentations


storyteller2-1In this program, the audience members/children make up the characters, wearing costumes, and/or masks and using props, along with saying lines. Nobody gets more excited about a show then somebody who’s in it.

This program includes: the audience responding to cues as a whole; a few audience members reading short skits; and several audience members repeating a character’s phrase when cued. All children participate in some aspect of the storytelling.

No matter whether you’re acting in the show, or behind the scenes, everyone has a GREAT TIME!

Click below for each grade level’s programs.

Preschool   |   Grades K-2   |   Grades 3-5

After each storytelling a follow-up activity/sheet may be included, if time permits.

Materials and Supplies: Any items needed to attend classes, learn objective, and complete day’s activities will be provided by instructor/Storyland Celebrations including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Props, costumes, masks, and wigs will all be cleaned and sanitized after every class. Since these will be used by multiple children they will be replaced as needed.
  • All reusable supplies (e.g. pencils, crayons, etc) and disposable materials (e.g. stickers, name tags).