Story Telling Presentations for Grades 3-5

Preschool   |   Grades K-2

Blackbeard the Pirate

The children will learn about characterization (through gestures/movement, expressions, and costumes/props) as well as information about pirates (Blackbeard specifically) as they act out a play about Blackbeard and his crew in rousing good fun. Don’t miss out on this one or you’ll walk the plank!

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Recess Queen

Bullying is such a big part of young children’s lives, both inside and outside the schoolroom. This story demonstrates what it looks like, and how to handle it, in a fun, non-threatening format.

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

Tricksters delight, here’s a skit that’s a must for you!! Adapted from the popular children’s story by Doreen Cronin, this play is loads of fun as Farmer Brown’s livestock try to outwit him to get comforts they think they deserve.

The Goldminer’s Daughter

The back and front cover pages of the book set the stage for a show, and rebus pictures appear throughout the story to let everyone know when to join in. You can already tell your class is in for a wild west ride! Fun, plus a lesson about the United States Gold Rush, you can’t ask for more than that!

Joe Bright and the Seven Genre Dudes

Kids will get their first taste of “fractured fairy tales” with this unique version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which describes seven genres in literature including non-fiction, science fiction, mystery, and more. Fractured fairy tales are a lot of fun and your class is going to want to experience this one, and more to come.

Mouse’s Tail

This skit explores a not-so-familiar fable in which all the characters must work together to help Mouse get his tail back, and all the students will learn how important it is to follow through on what you promise.

Stone Soup

As kids follow along with this beloved children’s folktale, they really get into the act by actually adding ingredients to the 9″ pot themselves! Then, of course, they help celebrate with the characters when the soup is just right!

Tall Tales

Your students will get to explore tall tales, learning some lesser know characters , as well as characteristics of a tall tale. They will also work on creating one of their own tall tales as a group. A quick run through of “The Telephone Game” will be included.

Where Did The Fish Go?

Taking science concepts onto the stage is what happens in Where Did the Fish Go? This is a fun way to teach the Scientific Method that’s easy to follow, and incorporates several students into the “tale”. The story can be repeated additional times for larger groups.

Who Pushed Humpty?

Most elementary students love to solve mysteries, and this is one they’re very familiar with as they try to determine “Who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall, and why”. With easy lines in rhyming verse, all students will stay engaged in this fun skit throughout the entire Whodunit!