Story Telling Presentations for Grades 3-5

Preschool   |   Grades K-2

Blackbeard the Pirate

The children will learn about characterization (through gestures/movement, expressions, and costumes/props) as well as information about pirates (Blackbeard specifically) as they act out a play about Blackbeard and his crew in rousing good fun. Don’t miss out on this one or you’ll walk the plank!

First Day Jitters

The first day of school is always difficult for students, and as the audience finds out from the surprise ending is this story, for teachers too!

Johnny Appleseed

This story is an excellent way to combine the study of the apple tree, and folklore, in one short and entertaining skit. Many science and folklore activities can be incorporated as follow-up lessons to this play.

Paul Bunyan

A fun participation story which explores some of Paul Bunyan’s history, along with Babe, his Blue Ox, using interactive sounds and movement from the audience throughout the story.

Peer Pressure/Character Education

Students get the opportunity to reenact common social experiences using props, and costumes, with group discussion and support following he skits.  Some concepts covered include: how to handle peer pressure, and understanding and expressing empathy.

Room on the Broom

A lively, sequential Fall story about a witch who makes room for all her animal friends on her broom, which in the end helps save them all from a terrible monster, and brings them even closer together.

Smelly Socks

Tina needs new socks but after she finally gets to the store, and finally selects just the right pair, she refuses to wash them, so her class takes thinks into their own hands when Tina’s socks really start to smell!  A Robert Munsch story that will have everyone rolling on the floor with glee!

Tacky in Trouble

Tacky the Penguin has always been an odd bird, but now it’s gotten him into trouble as he travels far until he finds what he thinks is an even odder bird, but really is an elephant!  When Tacky gets mistaken for a bunch of pretty flowers, and almost doesn’t make it back home, he goes through some exciting adventures you and your students won’t want to miss!

The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds

Kids love a good mystery, and in this play they get to see if they can solve it along with the lead detective based on the clues provided.  If they like Encyclopedia Brown stories, they’ll love this play!

Why Can’t Everyday Be Earth Day?

A nice skit for Spring that explores the concept of Earth Day and keeping the Earth clear of pollution.  Lots of fun forest animals for the kids to dress up and act out as, too.