Story Telling Presentations for Grades K-2

Preschool   |   Grades 3-5

6 Foolish Fishermen

The Classic folktale in which 6 fishing brothers try to keep track of each other.  See if you can solve the mystery where nobody leaves,  but someone’s always missing!

Fish School

Great idea for the first month of school! This story helps kids solidify the rules they need to follow at school in a

simple and fun style that they will want to act out over and over again!

Go Away Green Monster

Most children are afraid of monsters, but in this story kids get to watch how the monster’s scary parts come together, which makes it no longer scary and therefore no need to say “go away green monster” anymore!  Students may get the opportunity to help create they scary monster using a puppet monster, themselves.

The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip

The time-honored folktale in which one character after the next tries to pull a turnip out the ground, and realize that if they all work together, they’ll be able to get their turnip out, in order to finally make turnip soup.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The popular picture book story by Laura Numeroff in which one thing leads to another as a mouse is given a cookie, which of course means he will have to have milk, then a straw to drink it with, and so on, and so on, finally coming full circle when he wants a cookie again.  Sequencing that kids will love to read, and act out again, and again!

Is Your Mama a Llama?

A wonderful rhyming picture book story by Deborah Guarino in which the early readers get to act out different animals though costume and description, on the way to solving he puzzle of “Is your Mama a Llama?”

Mo Williams/Kevin Henkes Scripts

One page scripts by students for students, of several of popular children’s authors Mo Willems and Kevin Henkes’ picture books.  These summary scripts are excellent for giving early readers the opportunity to participate in Readers Theatre.

pirateNew Pirate

Most youngsters love anything to do with pirates, and this play is sure to be a winner since it demonstrates how to become a pirate, from the walk to the talk! With the costumes to complete the transformation, your students will delight in becoming genuine pirates in no time.

Nightmare Go Away

A partner or trip reader’s theatre for beginning readers all about the very common “monster under the bed”.

No More Noisy Nights 

Most children are afraid of “creatures” living in their houses, but after enjoying Jackson’s problem solving of his scary guests, they may experience more friends than fear in the future, following one presentation of No More noisy Nights.