Story Telling Presentations for Preschool

Grades K-2   |   Grades 3-5

Nursery Rhyme Showcase

Popular characters including Humpty Dumpty and Itsy Bitsy Spider come to life with these mini-skits.  Action songs, fingerplays, flannel board retelling and fun costumes make is easy for all of our littlest learners to join in the fun!

Big, Bad Cold

Everyone knows all kids are quick to pick up every germ that they come in contact with.  This skit helps them see just what a cold, or a cough germ looks like, and helps them to remember how important good hygiene is for keeping those yucky germs far away!  (mucus, ear ache, cold and other germ props appear larger than actual size)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle’s very popular classic insect tale that teaches the days of the week; healthy, and unhealthy, foods; and the life cycle of a butterfly, all while your students get to wear fun insect-related costumes.

The Wind Blew

A light Fall breeze is a pleasant outdoor experience until the wind gets so strong that nothing is safe in its’ path!  so watch out that you don’t get blown away!