We love to hear from our clients! Please feel free to leave comments on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/storylandcelebrations) or email them to party@storylandcelebrations.

Here’s some we’ve received already.

“Can’t wait until the next Kids Lit Club Nite” – Meagan P. (2nd gr. teacher/parent)
“Rave reviews by campers and staff” – Karri K. (UNCC Camps on Campus Director re:storytelling presentation)
“Very cute” – Colby G. (re: toddlers at Open Play Time)
“I <3 this!!!” – Sarah E. (re: Detective Frank wearing some of our detective gear at the Waxhaw expo)
“I’m sure my son loved this” – Michelle B. (re: HBES 2nd gr. storytelling presentation)
“Preston had a blast! Thank you!” – Valerie H. (re: Kids Lit Club Nite)
“Thank you for teaching kids how to take care of books!” – Susan S. (school media specialist)
“This was our kids’ favorite summer camp of many-thank you!” – Cierra T. (vet/parent)